NOTD: L’Oréal Mango-Get-Em

Hey everybody!  Wow, I have to get my blogs done earlier, lol!
So I had an awesome nail art planned for today, but when I took off Julep Emilie tonight, this is what my nails looked like 😥

The glitter came off great wih the tinfoil method (see Ms. Lizard’s tutorial), but I was left with a mess of a stain on my nails, even though I put a base coat on 😦  This happened the last time I wore Emilie too.  Guess I will have to try to put a couple coats under the colour to try to prevent the staining…
Anyways, so because I figured I should put an opaque polish on to cover the staining rather than the nail art I was going to do, I put on L’Oréal Mango-Get-Em.  Then, to dress it up without going too overboard, I did a couple polka-dot flowers on my thumb and ring finger as accent nails.

L’Oréal Mango-Get-Em is a really pretty pinky-coral colour.  I had to put on 3 coats, but that was mostly because you could still see the green stain underneath.  I got this colour a few years ago because I thought it would match a coral dress I was going to wear to my cousin’s wedding.  Turns out the dress was more orange-coral and the polish more pink-coral, so they didn’t match, and the dress didn’t fit anymore 😦
What do you do when your nail polish has stained your nails?  Ms. Lizard also has a nail whitening tutorial but I didn’t have time to do it tonight and do a blog post.  I did soak my nails in a bowl with warm water and lemon juice to try to make the stain a little lighter.  It helped a little bit, but they are still fairly green under my new polish colour.  I hope it comes off with the next polish change.

10 thoughts on “NOTD: L’Oréal Mango-Get-Em

  1. I love the mani! That happened to one of my nails today when I took on Robin to put on America. I am not sure why? Maybe I just didn't get that nail well enough with my basecoat- which is sadly almost out lol.

  2. I was so disappointed when I used Emilie this second time that it stained again, I thought maybe the first time I used it I did something wrong, but it stained the same 😦 At least this time, with using the tinfoil method for remocal I didn't have Smurf fingers as well! 🙂
    And thanks, I love polka-dot flowers 😀

  3. Hmm, that sucks 😦 I hate when polish stains my nails. I know I did base coat on all my nails, so I don't know why it stained so bad 😦 I'm wondering if it's because it's because it has blue in the formula to make it the beautiful green it is… *shrugs* Next time I will maybe do 2 coats and see if it doesn't stain.

  4. Hey Erica!

    Your floral nail art is sooooo adorable! Great job yet again.

    Holy smokes – that other polish stained so badly! Definitely double up on base coat next time if you wear it. Wow! I've never seen intense staining like that before.

    For me, it's not as big of a deal when the polish stains my nails because I pretty much always wear nail polish. But for people who only wear polish occasionally, it must be embarrassing to have to walk around with stained nails. Yikes!

  5. I e-mailed Julep and they suggested waiting for the basecoat to completely dry before applying the colour, as if the basecoat is still tacky the colour can seep through the basecoat onto the nail. They also recommended putting a light colour under the dark colour to add another layer to protect the nail from staining.
    I try to keep mine polished as well, I usually change my polish everyday 🙂

  6. Now THIS is an example of a simple manicure with tons of charm and sass. This is such a beautiful look with those sweet flowers on it. It is sexy and sweet at the same time. I have GOT to try to this one.

    And Kleancolor Metallic Pink (my favorite pink EVER) stains our nails (both mine and Mama's) when we use it. I've heard that using white toothpaste and a nail brush will remove stains. I've yet to find anything that works on that pink though. 😦

  7. Thanks April 😀 If you try it, make sure to send me a picture 😀
    And yes, I have heard about the toothpaste thing, but that was after this happened 😦 And I think you have to do it right away, it won't remove stains that have been there for a while 😦 Although this green wasn't there for a while when I took it off, my nails are just finally growing the yellow out from this fiasco, lol!

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