Nail Mail — Julep Beat the Heat Flash Sale

Oh my gosh I just LOVE getting nail mail!  Yesterday I got more Julep (surprise, surprise!) and couldn’t wait to show you guys what I got 😀  Julep had a “Beat the Heat” Flash Sale on their Facebook page where you could purchase 2 polishes and the Best Pedi Creme Ever for $14.99 with the Discount Code they provided.  The value of this box:  $50.00 ($14.00 per polish + $22.00 Pedi Creme).  WOW! 😀  Who can’t resist a deal like that?!  And as always, as a Maven I received FREE shipping 😀

Tyler and I are visiting my sister in London this weekend, so I had her help model the colours I got 😀

Here’s what I opened —

A sample packet of the Glycolic Hand Scrub.  I have a bottle of this, but I’m not sure that I like it.  Maybe I will appreciate it more in the winter…

The Best Pedi Creme Ever!  And yes, it lives up to its name! 😀  I’m not keen on the scent, but it works magic on rough feet, so I don’t let it bother me :)

I decided to wear Sasha. 

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light
And the guest model, my younger sister Shannon, is wearing Daisy 😀

I don’t know how much I like Daisy, but I will definitely give her a try on my own nails soon 😀  She may be more of a nail art colour 😉
Sasha is a lovely creme polish that is described as “cantaloupe”, but I think it’s more like a neon pink with coral tones, but that’s just me.  I don’t eat cantaloupe but when I see it, it’s definitely more of a soft orange colour rather than pink.
I am glad I picked both of these colours as it adds a little “sunshine” into my rainbow of nail colours 😀

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