Nail Mail: Nail Treatments and Julep America

Hey folks!  We’ve made it half way, and today’s weather is SO much better than yesterday!

Good news!  I got more Julep nail mail last night!  WooHoo!! 🙂  I love Julep nail mail!  Let’s take a look..

Back at the end of June, Julep had a flash sale on their Facebook page where if you spent over $20 you got their America the Beautiful polish, which they released for the July boxes, for FREE!  And who doesn’t love free?!  😀  So of course I had to take advantage of this sale as I was to receive the O Canada polish in my July box because I live in Canada (the American Mavens received America the Beautiful instead).

Oooh, a sample of Julep’s “The Best Pedi Creme Ever”!  I LOVE this foot creme, except for the smell — it reminds me of a freshly cleaned barn (hay and straw, with out the poo, lol!).

And now for the good stuff!  Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum.  I plan to use this for my big toenails which I have had problems with ingrown toenails and growing for over 2 years, all because of a pair of shoes 😦  I will be doing a post on the results for this serum in the next few weeks so we can take a look at the results together 🙂  I really hope this serum works the way it says it does — I need my toenails to start growing normal again!

And the Fast Dry Topcoat.  I find this topcoat works the best with Julep’s polishes.

And the prize at the bottom of the cereal box – America the Beautiful!  I wanted this polish when Julep gave the Mavens the preview for the July boxes, but being Canadian I received O Canada (not that I don’t love O Canada!) with my July Maven Box.  So when I saw that Julep was having the flash sale and this was a free polish, I knew I had to get something so I could get this beautiful polish 😀

Oh say can you see…. All the glitter and stars?!  Holy, this glitter polish is nail art in a bottle!  I love this.  Even though I am Canadian, I can thoroughly appreciate this glitter polish.  I layered it over Jessica Red Delight.  I was going to layer it over red, white and blue to show what it would look like over the 3 different colours, but I figured that would be “too patriotic” for a few weeks after July 4th, especially because I’m not in the United States 🙂  I will be trying this glitter over other colours though, I think that other colours will help the different types of glitter stand out (small red glitter is hard to see with the red base colour).

Does anyone else have Julep’s America the Beautiful?  What do you think of it?

6 thoughts on “Nail Mail: Nail Treatments and Julep America

  1. Ahhh I gotta get this one too!!!! I agree that the Julep topcoat works fab with their polishes! I'll probably pick up 2 more July boxes cause I loved everything. *sigh*

  2. yup, I got it and I got the O Canada one. I think its pretty but wish there were more stars in it. It looks real pretty over blue and I tried it over yellow. Wasnt the best but it had that, cool look to it. The type of mani you dont usually do but looks good. 🙂 You should check out my blog as well:)

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