NOTD: Double Polka Dots

Happy Monday gang!  I hope everyone made it through today unscathed 😀  It’s excessively hot here in Ontario and tomorrow’s only going to be worse, so they say 😦  I hate summer – maybe this will be a good time to do a winter manicure ;D
I thought I would use some colours today that I hadn’t used in a little while for some simple nail art 🙂

I used Avon Loving Lavender (purple), Revlon Top Speed Jaded (green) and L’Oréal I Will (white) for this double polka dot manicure.  This was a really easy manicure to do and if you love polka dot manicures I would recommend trying it.
For the large white dots I used a “tailor’s pin” stuck in the eraser of a pencil for a dotting tool, and then for the smaller dots on top of the white dots, I opened up a paperclip and used that.

Just place the large dots wherever you like, there is no rhyme or reason to the placement, and then dot the opposite colour on top of the white dots.  I chose to do accent nails on my ring finger and thumb, but you can do all your nails the same base colour with the same centre/small polka dot colour if you like!
If you try this kind of manicure, share it with me on my Facebook page, I would love to see it 😀

6 thoughts on “NOTD: Double Polka Dots

  1. What a sweet manicure, Erica! And that was very resourceful of you to make your own 'dotting tools'. 🙂 They worked out very well for you. Oh, and I love the colour combination you chose, too.

  2. Ooooh.. so tempting! LOL! I will definitely keep it in mind for the dotting tools — I'm hoping Julep comes out with some and sends them in the Maven Boxes 😉 LOL! I ❤ Julep! 😀

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