OMG I’m Naked!

Haha, just kidding!  Well sorta 😉  My nails are naked at the moment because I’m planning an awesome nail art for tomorrow 😀  Plus, I wanted to show you what’s “under the polish”.

So while you’re waiting oh-so-patiently for tomorrow to come so you can see my awesome nail art, here are some pictures of my naked nails.  (I do have a basecoat on in these pictures.)  I hope this nail art design works with all this hype….

I don’t do anything special besides hope and pray one of them doesn’t break off while I’m doing stuff.  I do use Julep’s Cuticle Oil, I try for a few times a day.  I am also very prone to hangnails.. BIG ones!  It’s partially my own fault because once I get one I pick at it 😦  They occur mostly on my thumbs and when I get one it also affects the skin around my nail, not just the hangnail part of it.  And then it bleeds 😥  I try to put bandaids on them with polysporin but it’s so hard during the day because I wash my hands a lot, so they don’t stay on anyways.  And I never think to put them on before bed.  *sigh*  Life with beautiful nails and fingers is hard to come by, lol!

(Sorry for the glare in the pictures with the flash – I wanted to show them in a little brighter light but it got dark on me faster than I expected :S)
I like to have my nais a little longer than they are in these pictures, but it always happens that once I get them to the length I want, one will break off 😦
For being a life-long nail biter and having “quit” a little over 2 years ago, I think my nails are beautiful even if they are a little yellow from polishing them all the time.

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